Sunday, July 27, 2014

Shaman Oracle

The Shaman of Birth 

“I am the Shaman of Birth. I guide souls into being. I am present from the moment of conception to the moment when the newborn arrives in the world. I help at the birth of many things, including ideas, beliefs, wisdom and change. I guard and show the way to all who seek this path of new beginnings: trust in me as you contemplate your future, for I am midwife to the dreams of many.”

Card Meaning

We give birth every day – to ideas, aspirations, hopes and promises. Our ancestors understood the importance of new beginnings to ensure the continuing life of the tribe, and we can learn much from this. All fresh starts of any kind, warrant the attention we would lavish on a child coming into the world. The Shaman of Birth shows the miracle of pregnancy: a warrior figure guards the woman who carries the unborn child, ensuring that it comes to no harm. We need to take the same protective attitude to any new or fresh directions in our lives.

Keyword Interpretations: New life; New directions and ideas; Rebirth of dreams; Fulfilment; Encouraging new approaches to problems; Preparing for the moment; Future life-lines

My personal interpretation for me at this time

Hmm…is it just me or have I been getting a lot of cards about changes and rebirth lately…

This is an interesting card – firstly I am always protective of my ideas, thought and feelings – I do not trust easily and I keep my cards close to my chest. Those who know me well are the only ones who can tell what is going on with me usually unless I open up. So I am guessing this card isn’t too much about protection…

Which leads to birth…firstly for me this card is not to do with having kids – not something I want to do in my life. So any births in my life would be spiritual…perhaps I am reawakening a side of me that hasn’t been out in the sun for a while. Perhaps it is referring to being creative or my blog and my writing. Perhaps it is referring to my spiritual life…

I think we are born each and every day – we are never the same person from one day to the next. Things happen – life happens and it changes us – for good or for bad. These moments will come and only you can decide how you react and deal with them – this is one thing the card says to me. Be prepared to change and have things set upside down. Stagnation is not living. Don’t ever forget that tomorrow is always going to welcome a new you and a new day.

It is also telling me to open up more to myself – allow my creativity more often – share it with those I trust and to allow myself time to just BE. I guess I sometimes think having time to myself to be spiritual can be selfish…but having that time isn’t selfish – it heals, nourishes your soul and give you time to reflect.

Hmm…I shall ponder this some more over cheesecake and strawberries…wonder if the Goddess would like a strawberry is not lost of me that being a midwife is one of Hecate's titles...I wonder what she has in store for me...


*As always the card meaning and image are taken from "The Shaman's Oracle"

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Shaman Oracle

  So todays Shaman oracle post is on a tuesday - my schedule with posting is a little erratic at the moment so bear with me. I also added an about me page to my blog - enjoy!

The Spirit of Initiation

"I am the Spirit of Initiation. With me at your side you will begin to understand the mysteries and wonders that surround us all at every moment of our lives. I may initiate you into many new experiences, but above all I can show you how to find truth and wisdom, which will help you to overcome most of the problems that may beset you. There is a point beyond which all who seek the path of enlightenment must travel, and this I can show you whenever you are ready."

Card Meaning

Initiation opens doors between different states of reality. For the shaman, initiation was an introduction to the realm of Spirit where he or she would conduct their work - receiving from otherworldly guides instructions in the work of healing and enquiry undertaken on behalf of the tribe. Initiation could take many forms, but usually included entering into a trance state in which the initiate received the approval of these beings of the inner world. The experience of being guided by otherworldly beings can still be ours today if we learn from the Spirit of Initiation.

Key word interpretations: Awareness; Strength; Enlightenment; The gift of vision; The path of transcendence; Access to inner wisdom; Welcoming transformation

My personal interpretation of the card for me at this time 

Well - this is a surprise - I know I have blogged this card once in this blog so I wonder what it will bring up this time for me. Here goes...

Initiation - it can be big and grand or small and simple and honestly powerful in any of these ways. It can be seen and unseen - it can occur to you that it happened years after it did and sometimes it doesn't take. 

It is also only the beginning - everyone makes out initiation to be this magickal key, which it is, but the problem is people think after an initiation it all comes to you easily - which it doesn't. All paths of study require hard work - you don't get degree in medicine and then never have to study or do any work...the answers to problems do not miraculously get placed in your brain. Initiation into any path of witchcraft is the same - don't get me wrong, it is a big achievement and something to be proud of but it is a beginning of a new chapter for you.

Lately I have been feeling called away from my online studies (which is a 2nd degree in wicca). I have felt called to work on my own path, craft and traditions. I want to give my altar an overhaul and start having dedicated time in my own space - even if it is just five minutes to connect and meditate, pull a card, light a candle...

I feel the need to be in nature - whether than means in the patio, having my bedroom window open to see the back garden or actually venturing out - I need the connection it provides me - away from the four walls. It allows my soul to be nourished and my roots to grow. I want to work deeper on myself - with the elements, Hecate and my shadow. I feel the need to find my place - within this big world and within my craft. I want to forge my own way and focus more of my time on my spirituality - but as always I want it to be intertwined with my daily life. 

I think mostly the reason I have temporarily felt detached from my online study group/community is because I want to *do* my craft not just study it and write about it. I want to be active more in my daily practises which I feel is more important at the moment - I have all of winter to sit inside pen and notebook in hand answering questions. Right now I want to embrace my practise - not think about it but get on with it.

So there we have it - a transformation on my path. I look forward to where my inner wisdom leads me and to what practices I create - I am sure some will work and I will love forever, some may be temporary and some may not gel at all - that is what practise is all about after all. 

Right - that is enough typing for tonight! I shall ponder this some more though but for now I have a cup of tea awaiting me and a stack of books! 



*As always the card meaning and image are taken from "The Shaman's Oracle"

Monday, July 21, 2014

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Don't worry - there shall be an oracle update soon too - if not tonight (as it is 00:52AM in the UK!) then later on today!

Sweet Dreams - PhoenixIndigoEmber

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Book Review: Witchcraft Today - 60 Years On

Book Review!

Witchcraft Today - 60 Years On
Edited by Trevor Greenfield and introduced by Rachel Patterson

Official stuff from the back of the book:

"In the sixty years following the publication of Gerald Gardner’s Witchcraft Today, new paths have appeared, and older ones emerged out of the shadow of repression and illegality, to express with a new and more confident voice their beliefs and practice, and share, with a steadily growing audience, their knowledge, their certainties, their questions and their vision. This book is a celebration of some of the many paths that Witchcraft/Wicca has taken and of the journeys that people have embarked upon."

My Review:

This is an amazing book – now to be clear this is not a how-to book on witchcraft or by any means a book of spells or rituals. In some ways this book is more important than just another magick book as this is a book of history and progress.

60 years ago a man brought the craft out of the shadows and this book show how much it has progressed since then – the ways it has travelled, the countries it is practised in and people it has won over. It shows how many different sects and paths there are now that can be travelled by anyone who is a witch.

I think what I love most about this book is that it shows different traditions that have all been allowed to be born through just one man’s vision 60 years ago – to not let the craft die out and not let its knowledge fade away in the sands of time. Whether you like Gerald Gardener or not you cannot deny the impact he has had on modern witchcraft – no matter how, where or what you practise! Thanks to him we now have bookshelves full of knowledge and books!

So this book…it’s a books of history – past and present, a book of knowledge and a book that is written by witches of these specific traditions to give us an insight as to what their paths are and what they do – it is a taster but it is a good one! It also shows how far the craft has come in a time period of sixty years – and it makes me wonder where it will be in another sixty! Exciting times and a good read for any witch of any path! There is also a short chapter on where Witchcraft is heading – where it could be heading and what it could look like for communities in the next 60+ years – all very interesting stuff!

The specific traditions that are touched upon in the book are: Gardnerian, Alexandrian, Seax, Eclectic Wicca, Dianic, Traditional British Witchcraft, Hedge Witchcraft, Solitary Witchcraft, Nature Witches, Hekatean Witchcraft, Egyptian craft, the craft from the male perspective and Witchcraft tomorrow!

The individual authors all give us a taste of their own paths, in their own words, and allows us a glimpse of how they work on their paths and what brought them to the path they are now on within Witchcraft. The personal stories in this book allows us to see how this beautiful spirituality has touched so many people’s lives and gives a glimpse as to how influential Witchcraft is these days thanks to the man who brought it out of the shadows – whether you identify as Wiccan, Pagan, Witch, Druid, Priest/Priestess etc you will enjoy reading the history and contemplating how this spirituality will continue to grow.

Review above by PhoenixIndigoEmber

Book available in both paperback and kindle.

Book Prices from Amazon:
Paperback £8.30 / $12.30
Kindle £1.85 / $3.17

Book is available also from other online bookstores :) Enjoy!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Shaman Oracle…a little late

Better late than never I suppose...

It’s been quite a busy, and stressful, time of late so last week’s oracle had been delayed - till now. I am trying to get into more of a routine with everything in my life – this blog included – I shall get there….someday!

So the oracle card I drew today is…

The Shaman of Tradition

“I am the Shaman of Tradition. I burrow into the deepest memories of the land to uncover truth and bring it to the surface, flame-lit by the consciousness of all who love life. No matter what you are seeking, I can find a tradition that matches your dreams and aspirations. I stand before you, holding aloft the energies of the inner worlds and brining these forces to bear upon everything you set out to accomplish.”

Card Meaning

Tradition underpins so much of our lives, yet we are often cavalier with it. A tradition can be anything from an ancient ritual, such as Midwinter fires or dancing around the Maypole, to the morning routines that prepare you for the day ahead – either way, it is part of the fabric of what makes us human. The Shaman of Tradition draws on the deep-rooted customs of the land and uses them to fuel our spiritual quest for knowledge. This shaman reminds us that we should never ignore tradition, which is often a vehicle for ancestral wisdom and can offer us vital clues about who we are.

Keyword Interpretations: Valuing established patterns; Acknowledging the past; Acceptance of the shaping power of tradition; Deep memory; Reassessing paths; Recognising traditions in daily living

My own personal interpretations of this card for me at this time:

Tradition…before I was a witch tradition didn’t use to be something I thought about often if I am honest. The biggest tradition I had was the Christmas tree going up or the New Year! Even then if I am honest I was more interested in it for the pretty lights, fireworks and chocolates…so I guess I have never been traditional in the traditional sense….and if you followed me around that bend in thinking well done!

I am in the process of getting into a routine…which I aren’t good at it. Even though I am one of those annoying people who like a routine – till they get fed up with it and then move on to fun things – which inevitable drain me as those things tend to include being sociable so then I go back to craving routine safety. What does this have to do with tradition? Well honestly I think traditions are a kind of routine – its something you do at specific times with a specific goal in mind. Take my nightly devotions to Hecate – I do them without fail every night – granted sometimes they can be at 2AM in the morning or they can be before midnight – but I always do them – it’s my way – my tradition or routine if you will. It is the time I carve out of my night to contact my patron and do my prayers and talk to her about stuff. Don’t get me wrong I talk to her lots – but this time for me is special – I light my devotional candle and I ground and centre myself ready to have my time with her.

I want more traditions in my life and craft. I have neglected the sabbats – I realise part of this is because I don’t identify with being Wiccan anymore (since last year when I realised it didn't fit me anymore) – One thing I had never really gotten into was the whole myth of the sabbats with Wicca – the whole god dying, being born to the goddess and then marrying her – don’t get me wrong I understand the whole agricultural metaphor and this is not me having a go at other traditions but it doesn’t gel with me. To me, I have realised over the past year, the sabbats are about the balance of the seasons – the flowers, the earth, the natural world around me. These are the ways I relate to the sabbats so I need to do sabbats my way – I need my traditions back – but in my own way on my terms. I am not saying I will always do a full circle and ritual – some sabbats it may just be a lit candle and some flowers left out but the point is I will build on it – each year my sabbats will be personal to me because they will be my traditions.

Since this card always talks about a “spiritual quest for knowledge” I guess I should mention that I am about to start working with the element Earth as soon as I get chance. I have already had a lunar month of working with Air, Fire and Water – Earth is up next! I also intend to work with Spirit – which will be challenging but very worthwhile.

Another tradition I have started for myself is to list a few things – even just one if that’s all I can manage – of things I am grateful from that day – yes I tell Hecate all these thing – after my devotion to her and after I ask for healing for people and send out energy – I go through the blessings of that day I am grateful for – whether they are a hot shower, clean bedding or a nice meal or something like seeing a beautiful big dragonfly outside (just a hint – these are my gratitudes for today!)

So I think that covers it – even though it is somewhat jumbled. Basically I need to get off my butt and make my own traditions – I don’t need to follow anyone else’s – mine will work perfectly for me. I don’t feel called to work with a different Goddess throughout the year/sabbats – Hecate can and shall be honoured at all the sabbats by me. I shall no longer try to fit my traditions around other peoples way of doing things and it feels pretty good. So here’s a cheer to being a solitary witch – and the freedom we have to make our own paths and traditions *smiles*



*As always the card meaning and image are taken from "The Shaman's Oracle"

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Sundays Shaman Oracle

The Spirit of Love

“I am the Spirit of Love. I surround you at every moment of your life and touch every aspect of your being. I can guide you, transform you, turn your life upside down. I permeate everything around you and I enable you to relate more positively to the life you live, to those who share it with you, and to the greater forces with which you interact. I am abstract and personal, distant and direct. My power is everywhere and transcends everything it touches.”

Card Meaning

Love has evolved through countless forms of expression down the ages, yet at its heart there is something timeless and universal. The heart knows its own wisdom and often bewilders us with its sudden change of direction. The Spirit of Love helps us to understand one of the most vital energies that drive our world. Represented here as an abstract figure, this spirit opens its arms in an all-encompassing embrace. In the same way, we should allow our own love to flow – passionately, and without censor or discrimination. Only through loving deeply will we be loved in return.

Keyword Interpretations: Love in every aspect, human and divine; Transformation; Reversal; Betrayal; Enlightenment; Warmth, Courage; Belief; Transcendence; Longing; Fulfilment

My own personal interpretations of this card for me at this time:

What is that old saying…Love makes the world go around. I always felt it was quite corny and not always the truth. There is a lot of ugliness in this world but then again there is also so much beauty. Corny as that saying may be perhaps it has truth within it – after all we are influenced by our environments so if we fill it with love we will see love - glass half full and all. I tend to be quite cautious with everything I do – I think, think again and over analyse till I am blue in the face. Letting my heart point out the direction does not always work for me – or should that be it doesn’t work for my head – which likes to take the analytical lead. One thing I am trying to do is be more open to my heart and her wisdom. I am very careful with my love and trust and only give it when I know it will be taken care of. I have high walls around it and don’t let anyone in easily. My trust has been broken more times than I can count so I can come off in person as cold or aloof – but this is my anxiety that stops me from revealing my true self – until you know me that is.

When I was shuffling the cards I asked for guidance – no specific questions but worries were racing through my head. I feel I pulled this card (well actually it flew from the pack and skidded across the table!) to calm me and let me know I am safe and I am loved – whatever the situation, wherever I am – it is there with me and with that I can get through what I need to but I also need to love myself – not be harsh with myself or talk negatively towards myself through this time of strife. Let the love keep me strong and don’t push everyone away and worry alone. Let light in and love flow with ease to calm me. Don’t lash out at those around me – let this challenge strengthen me not send me into despair. Hearts have a world of courage in them - if only we listen. It will be okay.



*As always the card meaning and image are taken from "The Shaman's Oracle"