Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sundays Shaman Oracle

Sorry I have been away so long – illness, colds etc have kept me from writing but I am back now! So todays card….

Shaman of Reflections

“I am the Shaman of Reflections. I offer you who calls upon me the opportunity to see beyond your mirror image, and to recognise within yourself the truths that you may never have perceived. I challenge those who believe there is only one pathway to follow. In the mystery of the mirror I show each individual his or her true self.”

Card Meaning

Reflections can be many things – for example, the thoughts we have in quiet moments before undertaking some new task, or times of contemplation when we can recognise things we have never before acknowledged about ourselves. The Shaman of Reflection teaches us to look in the mirror and be challenged by what we see: we may encounter a person, or a situation, or an aspect of our life that we have hidden from. This shaman holds a serpent of wisdom, symbolic of how the true answers reflected back to us can make us wiser. We must take heed and change paths accordingly.

Keyword Interpretations: Self-clarification; Being aware of other paths; Acknowledging the truth; Learning to accept reality; Testing the validity of challenges.

My personal interpretation of this card for me at this time:

Intriguing card – I have been doing lots of deep thinking of late so I can see why this particular card has arisen. It is a retrograde so again this card works well with that – it begins with RE – anything with re works exceptionally well during this time.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about the woman I see in the mirror…I came across an interesting message on pinterest recently to that got me wondering: “Take a moment to realise you have never seen your face in person, just reflections and pictures – some scientists agree that if you saw a clone of yourself you wouldn’t recognise it as you, because our idea of what we look like is so different from what we actually look like.”

I guess generally speaking we never know fully “who” we are as we are in a constant state of change – we regularly find and make friends with shadows, we learn different things about ourselves and we let go of what is no longer “us” at our core. Beliefs come and go like the wind – what stays is what is a fundamental part of ourselves – and at our core…our soul – that is where you find yourself. Easier said than done – people like boxes and labels. Sure they can be handy but they can also be limiting and sometimes hurtful. The world likes boxes – knowing where to put you and where you fit in – but what if you don’t “fit in” – what then? People constantly think they need to change to “fit” in place with their friends, with their family – with society.  You see this all over the world – people bullied into accepting only half of what they are or what they could be. Belittled into thinking they are the problem because they are different. 

I think people are scared of different because they cannot predict what different will do, which means they cannot control different – to be unique in a world full of box makers can be liberating but also a very lonely place and in some places it can be dangerous too.

For me personally this card has brought home to me something I was pondering last night with the Hecate after my nightly devotion to her. I was thinking about how I react to people and situations. I let people have way too much power – I let myself worry about what they think, why they ignore me etc. I have always given friends too much power which ultimately leads to problems in the relationships so I am wondering if some of this is my fault – for giving away the power too easily, for being too emotionally clingy at times and at other times too emotionally distant. I am an introvert at heart and I find relationships hard. I am a good friend but I think sometimes I can expect too much from people and when I don’t get it (loyalty, commitment, etc) I get hurt and shut down on them. 

So in reflection I need to focus more on me and the fact that I give too much of myself and my power away. I need to make friends with myself in order to give to myself what I expect from others. I need to take back my power and wonder less what others think of me and wonder more what I think of me. I need to befriend my shadows…I need to let go of expectations and accept that I am an anxious person who will on occasion run away to her shell. Instead of over-reacting to people ignoring me I need to remember people have their own lives and problems and it may not have anything to do with me personally.  I also need to remind my inner control freak that I can only control me in this world – not how others behave or react to me. I need to take a different path than the one I normally take in order to break my cycle of anxiety here.

So I shall work on this and these shadows and I shall work on making myself more secure on the inside. Perhaps some time spent with my totem the cobra will help.

So it is time to let go of some ways of thinking and time to accept more of myself and love myself instead of labelling and boxing myself in.


*as always the card image and meanings are taken from “The Shamans Oracle”