Saturday, December 12, 2015

Happy Holiday Thoughts!

Happy Holidays

I just want to wish everyone who reads my blog (and has put up with my very long absences!) a wonderful holiday season - no matter what spirituality, religion, or lack thereof!

So many people seem to be arguing in the world right now - over religions - I’m not even going into the Starbucks Cup lunacy that was all over FB awhile back. 

Not “one” religion owns this time of the year - but if I have learnt anything from all these religions it is that this is supposed to be a time of peace, joy and family. I realise the world is less than peaceful right now but I think we can all join together in being a bit kinder towards each other.

This time of the year for me use to have a special feeling….it wasn’t something that could be wrapped & put under a tree. It was that feeling of making someone else smile and be happy. When shopping for cards & gifts for friends and family in town people *use* to be nicer, strangers would smile, people would pick up a dropped toy of a Childs and wish each other a happy Christmas - now people barely look at each other, they push and shove, moan and groan. They stare into phones and ignore who they are with. Hell you get looked at like an alien if you say “bless you” to someone who sneezes! I have had pagans get offended if I have wished them a happy Christmas (not people I know - till attendants that are complete strangers - how would I know what religion they are!) telling me it’s “Yule for gods’ sake” - when did people get so….mean-spirited? Does it truly matter what word is used to signify a happy holiday greeting - would it kill people to just be happy? Just when did people turn in to the Grinch? Not that I mind the Grinch…love that film right along with Scrooge.

So this holiday - wherever you are I wish you happiness, joy, peace and love - May your days be merry and bright….and may your Christmas be one filled with gratitude and those you love.
Happy….December - the month of cheer, hot chocolate and woollen mittens!


PS - if you are able this month remember to try and make a donation of food, clothing etc to a charity. Whether for humans or pets, there are a lot of people in need in this world right now. There are plenty of food banks, toy appeals, pet food appeals, world crisis’s etc that could use the help. If you aren’t able to, due to your own circumstances, a prayer can go a long way in this world *Hugs*

Monday, November 30, 2015

Limitations and other words my life!

Limitations and Balance

I have had many readings done for myself in this life - from astrological charts, numerology etc and all of them have told me I have a lot of limitations placed on me in this life. I had never really thought about it before the readings - I just thought it was bad luck, bad timing etc but patterns repeat constantly no matter how I try to fight and change them.

At first I was pissed off - I had the victim mentality that we all sink into at first, then I sulked like a teenager (LOL) and got passive aggressive - what’s the point of doing <insert issue> if I have limitations on me etc. Then I wanted to know the “Why” behind it - was it karma - how was that fair! But come on - we all know life isn’t fair and no not everything bad that happens to us is karma from another life - we come back on this earth to learn not to be punished (my personal belief!) So just what was this great lesson…that I have been…gifted with?

So where did that question leave me….well I have this burning need to understand things - I am always questioning everything (yes I drive those around me nuts at times!). So in order to understand I did what I normally do - asked more questions, researched, meditated. I looked up the meaning of limitations and I re-read all the readings I had been given. I pulled oracle cards. I learned.
So what did I learn…well the actual meaning of limitation is:

Limitation [lim-i-tey-shuh n]
Spell Syllables
1 - Restriction: An imposed restriction that cannot be exceeded or sidestepped
2 - Restricting flow: A disadvantage or weakness in somebody or something
3 - Setting of a limit: The act of limiting something
Keywords: Limits, Boundaries, Restriction, Confines….

Ok so we have established what a limitation is - something that basically puts up a big red sign saying “STOP” but can it be a good thing? Well I didn’t think so until I did an oracle reading - a few actually and they all came up with similar results - protection. So what if these limitations are a blessing in disguise. They protect me - from what I may never know but clearly they are there for a reason and that reason….is protection.

If we had no limits we would soon be in trouble - imagine the world with no boundaries - it would be awful - people all up in your face all the time. Everything in life has limits - muscles in your body have a limit - a stretching point and if you go over it you get injured. So limits can also be there to prevent you from hurting yourself.

My limitations have made me more creative as I have to find a way, if I can, to get around them - by thinking outside the box and doing something out of the ordinary.

My limitations have also taught me when to stop - when something is absolutely not for me. Literally the universe steps in knocks me on my ass - yes literally sometimes…which is not fun at all.

So this life for me (from every reading I have done myself or had done for me) is all about transformation and balance. Being able to transform my situation into one that is positive - not matter what I am going through. So there are limitations but they are there to protect me and to get me to transform my life and outlook….not an easy task but I am trying.

So where does balance come in….well as I said with limitations you need balance. Taking exercise again as an example - too much too soon can injure you - if you don’t use your head and take notice of your limits you will over-do and the balance will tip and you will end up with a sprain, strain etc.
I’m sure I will have more insights about this over time but for now I will leave you with my personal tarot card for this life…don’t laugh…


The Chariot

A Woman holding aloft a glowing wand, rides through a dark, foggy landscape that may or may not be treacherously dangerous. Pulling her and her chariot are two strong horses, representing great energy and power that she must control. They don’t appear to be well trained, as they are not looking straight ahead but in different directions, as if distracted by the ravens and shadowy shapes in the mist. The chariot driver is using all her focus and will to keep the chariot on track.

This card is about victory through mastery. In this situation, there are opposing and conflicting forces, perhaps very powerful ones, that must be made to work in harmony to achieve a common goal. These conflicting energies may be within yourself or external. Either way, it is up to you to harness that energy and guide it to success.”

So there you have it….limitations and balance and what is that you ask - just what is supposed to be my lifetime goal for my soul in this time and place? Well it is - being of service to others. Hence - limitations on my personal freedoms in this life - it makes me more aware of others plights!
Well that’s all for now - sure I will look over this topic again sometime but for now those are my thoughts on it!


*Card illustration and description taken from the Mystic Dreamer Tarot Set

Monday, November 23, 2015

Sorry for the long absence!

I know I have been gone for awhile now - things have been pretty hectic and I haven't had chance to pull cards, switch my PC on or even type!

Health issues, family issues - you name it!

I'm still here - the blog is still live but posts might be a bit sporadic for awhile longer....

See you soon

Friday, January 23, 2015

Shaman’s Oracle

The Hunter of Conflict

“I am the Hunter of Conflict. Though I may seem fierce and intractable, I hesitate to draw my sword except in defence. Rather, I seek peaceful ways to help you resolve opposition in your life, and whilst I may use powerful energies of conflict to fuel myself, I do not seek to gain victory over others through violence or aggression. I exist to seek out the sources of your inner conflicts, and find ways to heal and restore you to a state of wholeness.”

Card Meaning

Conflict, though we seldom choose it willingly, is deeply embedded within our collective psyche today, just as it was for our forebears. Now, as then, we see conflicts over territory, possessions and ideas, and often these can lead to the destruction of values and ways of life. The Hunter of Conflict stands beside us to seek out a path of healing, and counsels us to be peaceful – to lay aside old grievances and inner debate. In our own lives we may often feel at war with ourselves, in turmoil over decisions we must make. Letting go of such anxieties clears our mind, restoring balance and inner peace.

Card Interpretations:

Struggle; Determination; Resolution; Finding better ways; Restoring balance; Facing obstacles; Courage; Energy; Healing; Harnessing strength to achieve peace.

My personal interpretation for me at this time…

(Firstly I have been away for a bit due to health issues - my wrist pain has been back with a vengeance and you can imagine what that does for typing ;) but I have been babying it for a while now and I really felt drawn to my cards and honestly I have missed them…and missed writing.)

On to the card…conflict. Great *rolls eyes sarcastically* can’t get away from that word these days…seems like the whole world is embroiled in a conflict and even regular people seem more…prone to anger these days but this card is not drawn for the world, it was drawn for me and I’m very good at stalling!

Well the only conflict in my life is within me - which, surprisingly perhaps, I am grateful for as I have had enough outside conflict to last a lifetime lol. We are also currently into a mercury retrograde which brings up even more conflict than normal…but that is not always a bad thing - sometimes you need conflict otherwise nothing would change. Conflict can be good or it can be disastrously bad…as with all things in life there is a balance. Dam…there is that word again…Balance….B-A-L-A-N-C-E trips me up every time…which is ironic in itself as you need balance to walk.

So where is my conflict…well as with everyone else I have my own inner stuff to work out but this card is not talking to me about my shadows this that isn’t it at all. So what is it…I’m going to drink my herbal tea (Apple & Blueberry if you’re curious) and ponder for a minute…

Ok, I'm back, so the biggest conflict in me that waves their hands up for attention is the battle between where I am and where I want to be….or who I am and who I want to be…I feel stuck. I can see why it is coming up now - middle of January - new month, new year…I have plenty of goals and one of the most depressing things is some of these goals have been kicking around in my diaries for years…year in and year out. Simple stuff - routine stuff, like getting into a better daily routine - bed at an earlier time so I get enough rest to be up early, doing a ritual circle each week, writing in my journal once a day (which in all fairness is one I do apart from when my nemesis…I mean wrist is acting up), setting aside time to do studying for my 2nd Degree in Wicca (Nope haven’t changed my path - still not wiccan but the teaching is a valuable tool and it is an eclectic college so it’s all good) and handing in these assignment regularly, keeping up with my online things but not neglecting my offline life or the people in it. Doing my yoga on a regular basis and fitting my weekly exercise in on top of that…

The thing is I go full force ahead and then get ill when I over-do…then I under-do…which leads to apathy and a lack of motivation which then leads to me being angry at myself and there for getting ill again through the sheer shit-load of negativity I subject myself to because I have “failed” my own goals.

I guess I am like anyone else…we have grand ideas and a big burst of motivation but then it wanes…till it waxes again. Being female I wax and wane with the moon anyway and maybe that is a good thing. Instead of burning through all that enthusiasm in one week or one day I need to retain it, contain it and use it in doses so I don’t burn out. I need to learn how to go slowly without stopping.

Dam I guess life really is like a tightrope - stay still you fall, go to fast you fall…I guess I am going to have to learn balance, learn to keep up my motivation - a magickal memo board will be in the works for that - which I will blog about another day! I also need to make sure I give myself mini-breaks so I don’t burn out.

Well I guess I have a plan...! Well if there is one thing that a mercury retrograde is good for is for readjusting, removing blockages, reaffirming plans…etc.


*as always the card image and meanings are taken from “The Shamans Oracle”