Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Updates and Book recommendations!

So it’s been awhile since I have blogged – I am sorry about that. I have been ill for a while now, going back and forth to the doctors and hospital and I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia earlier this year so I have been reeling from the diagnosis and honestly getting used to the new limitations in my life. I have also been in a lot of pain and having quite a few symptoms which means I can’t always go on my PC when I want to – it’s an adjustment for me. I am already limited due to my Anxiety/OCD issues so it’s been one more thing on top of everything else!  I am slowly getting use to listening to my body and figuring out what I need to do and what I don’t need to do – it’s a process and an adjustment , like anything else.

I am definitely keeping my blog though – it may mean I need to actually write a few blog posts in advance and not always do my oracle cards on a Sunday but I will figure it out.  Clearly I need to be more flexible with posting and updating as if I’m in pain or having a horrific migraine then I can’t just decide to blog! I do want to expand my blog so I don’t just do oracle readings but I’m not always sure what to write – I am still amazed anyone reads it to be honest lol! I have a few ideas for some upcoming posts so watch this space for them!

I have three new Oracle Sets – one kindly gifted to me by a friend for my birthday so you may be seeing me play about with some different spreads and stuff! I won’t say which Cards I got – I will let that be a surprise when I update with one of them!

So I don’t have an oracle spread today (sorry!) as for the past two days I have been dealing with migraines and cluster headaches so I am keeping my load light today! But I do have a series of awesome witchy fiction books to plug – just because I love them and they are IMO bloody brilliant!

So Ellen Dugan (awesome Witchcraft Author) has branched out and started to write fiction books! It is always amazingly good when a real witch writes a witchy book series – because let’s face it, they know their magick and they know what makes a real witch ;) 

Here is a picture of Book one in the series and the bio (No spoilers here!)

 Legacy of Magick (Legacy of Magick, #1)

“So it turns out Magick runs in the family... 
Autumn Bishop was just your average grad student...who happens to be a Seer. When she moves in with her long lost aunt and cousins, they look like a relatively normal family from the outside, however they turn out to be so much more. 
When ancient traditions, longstanding magickal feuds, ghostly visitors, and Witches with malicious intentions start coming out of the woodwork, Autumn finds herself smack in the middle of the action as everything she thought she knew is turned upside down. 
Drawn, as if by fate, into her family’s legacy of magick, a new world unfolds for her, as her old one is left irretrievably behind.“

So her new series is called: Legacy of Magick Series. Currently there are 7 books in the series – which is perfect for binge reading this autumn! I can’t recommend them enough – They are available on both Kindle & Paperback .  Enjoy!

Happy Autumn Reading!
See you soon