Sunday, November 12, 2017

Witches can be assholes too!

Now before anyone gets their panties in a bunch this is *not* a post picking on witches – I am a witch so please read before you judge!

So I don’t know about you but in Witchcraft there is a certain clash between expectations and reality – I suppose like with most things. We build things up in our heads and read all these lovely books stating how wise and wonderful all witches are. We read about perfect love and perfect trust and think “wow…witches are awesome people – they would never do anything shitty to you as they are just so dam wise and loving!” – WRONG!

Now don’t get me wrong – there are a lot of wonderful witches out there. A lot – but you always get bad apples and witches on an ego trip and people who think playing with magick is fun and people who will crap on you from a great height. People who can’t take you having a different opinion them etc!

I know when I have joined numerous online study courses I have met a whole bunch of different witches – some I adore and they will continue to be in my life for many decades to come, I have met some that weren’t who I thought they were, I have met some that are on ego trips or power trips and present one face to the world and another in private. I have met people who shouldn’t even be calling themselves witches due to their general lack of respect towards anything and everything.  I have met two faced witches who love nothing more than to gossip and hurt people behind their backs. I have seen fellow witches bullied by cliques that feel superior to other witches. I have met witches who judge everyone based on their age – they clearly know more as they were born before you! I have met ones that judge everyone on how long they have been practising – and will treat newbies with contempt. I have met ones that collect titles like they are supermarket coupons and wave them around stating that this, and this, and this title makes them so much better than anyone else. You also get the ones that don’t like you doing things your way – as only their path is right, you get ones who try to tell you that the way a deity is presenting itself to you is clearly wrong as it not how they see that specific deity…and so on and so on.

You see I found it hard to swallow…you read so much about the wisdom of witches, the perfect love and the perfect trust that when you see that people are in fact human and can/will be assholes…well sometimes it is disappointing. On the other hand – I know I mess up – and have messed up and I would rather be human than be held to some perfect level of saintly witch-hood!

Don’t get this post wrong – we can ALL be assholes – and will be from time to time. But there is a…Richter Scale of Asshole and you need to protect yourselves from the ones who consistently come out on top as those witches are trouble and will continue to make trouble. These are the types who start little witch wars and squabbles in covens and groups – to the point where you think you are still in high school!! These are the ones to avoid and you will meet them at some point in your time as a practising witch.

So basically this post is don’t be discouraged – assholes are out there, but so are some wonderful genuine people who will be part of your spiritual tribe, companions on your journey and they are great friends. Believe me when I say it is worth shifting through the assholes of the witchy world in order to find these precious gems. It is hard to keep putting yourself out there and trying but you will find those who are worth sticking your neck out for. You may not always get along, your relationship might get tested by assholes who try to interfere (yes this jealousy also rears its ugly head – like I said, you will think you are in high school still!) But the people that you find that are worth keeping in your life – well they are worth going through all that trouble!

 So yeah if you are a solitary witch and have come up against the assholes of the witchy world – you are not alone, it happens to us all at one point and don’t let them destroy your faith in yourself or other people – those assholes aren’t worth it *wink*

Keep your chin up and don't let anyone dim your light!


  1. Yeah, baby! It's true, assholes rear (hehe) their ugly heads even in our little witchy world. Just gotta keep on keepin' on. ;)